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Academic Advisory Counsel
wants to help college students unlock their full potential. Every student is unique, and we have different options to suit your needs. Sample packages are listed below for your reference. Hourly rates are also available, please contact us for more information.
Initial Consultation:

Thirty minute telephone consultation ~ Complimentary

Sample Comprehensive Packages:


College Comprehensive Package: 

  • Development of college list

  • Designing a testing/application planning timeline

  • Application and essay support targeted to the admissions requirements of chosen colleges

  • Interview planning and coaching.

  • Includes four individual meetings and twenty work hours.


Transitions Package: 


  • Two one hour coaching sessions per month

  • Focus on transitioning successfully into college with a focus on who you are personally, academically, and socially

  • Coaching is arranged specifically to meet your needs outside of a one-size-fits-none approach


Next Steps Package:


  • Two one hour coaching sessions per month

  • Email support and phone check-ins when needed (10-15 minutes)

  • Focus on connecting college experience to future endeavors such as major selection, internships, employment, etc

  • Includes interview coaching and resume review ​​

Creative Thoughts

“Over the past two years, Marney has served as an unwavering pillar of support in my role as a Resident Assistant, and in my personal life as well. She has consistently offered guidance and advice when I needed support in addressing resident conflict, hall policy violations, and other issues that came up in the job. She was also very willing to mentor me with some of my own personal challenges, and often reminded me to engage in self-care to ensure that I was presenting my best self in the work I was doing and in my personal life. She often reminded me that it is OK to make mistakes, so long as I learn from them and take steps to move forward. Without her consistent support and care I know I wouldn't have been able to do nearly as good a job in the role, and I am constantly appreciative of her for that support!”


  University of California, Berkeley


“I had the opportunity to work with Marney at UC Berkeley for the past three years. Throughout those years, Marney was an exceptional and caring mentor. In that capacity, she has guided me through several career and personal development milestones, including my acceptance to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Marney is thoughtful in her coaching approach, displaying both professionalism and compassion. Beyond being a mentor and coach, Marney was also a friend.” –T.T., University of California, Berkeley


Street at Night

Sample Individual Services:


Early Exploration Session: 

Two hour session for those who are in the early stages of college exploration, ideal for 8-10th grade students. Exploration sessions are individually tailored to the client's interests, with focus on personal and major/career inventories and planning coursework to meet college goals. Includes recommendation list of possible college options.


College Admissions Essay Development & Revision Assistance:

Discover how to tell your unique stories and compose personal statements that will help you stand out from the competition. Includes personalized support through all phases of admissions essays and supplemental essay questions, including essay brainstorming strategies and comprehensive revision assistance.


​​Application Support: 

College applications can be challenging to complete, and accuracy is essential. With the guidance and support of Academic Advisory Counsel, you can craft exceptional applications. Choose to work with us in person from start to finish, or work more independently with phone and email support.


Interview Coaching:

It is important to be prepared when you are offered or request an interview with a college. Work with us to learn how to get ready for your interview, what types of questions you'll be asked, and what you should bring to the conversation.

Additional Support: 

For those who have needs outside the package structure, hourly rates are available.  Hourly services may include personal statement guidance and revision, support in application portfolios, etc.

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