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Why Hire an Educational Coach?

Marney Randle, Founder of Academic Advisory Counsel, is passionate about mentoring college students of all ages, and partnering with them to develop personally and professionally. Marney has earned her Master of Science degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education, and has ten years of experience in university affairs. Marney is also a Certified Professional Coach, where she specializes in goal attainment and holistic development. 

Marney genuinely enjoys and respects young people, her approach is comprehensive and organized, yet balanced with encouragement along the way.

With her as your educational guide, you will have the essential support and guidance needed to excel in college and become the person you're meant to be. Academic Advisory Counsel will serve as a built-in mentor for you as you navigate your college journey. Let Academic Advisory Counsel be your educational GPS! 



"I grew up with the goal to attend a university.  I navigated the college process on my own,  beginning with my Valedictorian status in 8th grade and college-bound course selection starting in my freshmen year of high school. I continued on to college and navigated my own way. I wish I had an educational coach to help me along my journey. My main purpose for founding Academic Advisory Counsel is to to help college students navigate their educational journeys and become the best version of themselves! 


​                        ~Marney Randle, M.S.Ed. & CPC

               Founder, Academic Advisory Counsel

"During my undergrad career at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), I was lucky enough to cross paths with Marney...Her willingness to help me navigate through the university's resources and steadfast approach at assisting me in any time of need helped me tremendously."


-G.R., University of California, Santa Barbara

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