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The nature of communication is changing - I'm still going old school.

It's amazing how quickly things change. I've been reflecting on technology a lot - it's benefits, and things it gives us access to. The latest iPhones, all of the apps and ways to connect with each other. Recently I showed a friend of mine how to check out her daily step count super quickly on an app that's automatically built in to the iPhone. It didn't require any special downloading or anything - how easy is that??!

Email is also a thing - in all of it's glory. I use it SO much for work. Recently I was reviewing the emails I sent while I was on Semester at Sea for 3.5 months in 2016 (see previous blog post..I'm catching up on my blog post game). They were update emails about how my travels were going. Email was my main point of contact to my friends, family, and colleagues while I was away at sea. Being on a ship in the middle of the ocean - it's not possible to drive over to see people when you miss them or pick up your cell phone and give them a call. When I was at port at the different locations I could call people via WiFi calling but most of the time I was off galavanting and exploring new places. So...I did LOVE when people responded to my email updates. It was the best thing ever!

A lot of my coaching work is done through technology (online coaching sessions are a lifesaver!) I can keep in touch with my clients while we're both on the go. It's a way to stay connected while we lead our lives that may require traveling and interesting schedules. We can do our coaching sessions, keep each other posted on progress, and share updates very quickly.

I also love meeting people in person; there's something really valuable about the human connection. Coffee chats make me happy. Meeting up and genuinely sharing updates in real time is something I always appreciate. We need that more in our tech-filled lives.

Recently a friend of mine stopped in to visit me in Berkeley in between her work travels. We had about 30 minutes because she was on a tight schedule for work. We did a quick walk and talk on the way to and from my favorite coffee shop. I loved it! Even thought it was for a short amount of time - it was so great!

I share all of this to say, the nature of communication is changing to where most people communicate via technology. I appreciate it, and I also value the old school method of talking in person. That's what I love about coaching - meeting people in person, hearing their stories, and establishing a human connection. To me, that's the foundation of great work. I'm looking forward to new in-person connections as I continue my coaching in 2019.

#technology #communication #coaching

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