Academic Advisory Counsel is an educational coaching service that helps college students navigate their higher educational journeys and be the best versions of themselves!


Founded by Marney Randle, a Certified Professional Coach with a Masters in Student Affairs in Higher Education, Academic Advisory Counsel serves as a built-in mentor that provides you with the tools to make important educational decisions that impact your future, and help shape you into your best self. 


  • College is a rewarding journey of self-discovery, and Academic Advisory Counsel helps empower you to flourish in the higher education setting. 

  • Academic Advisory Counsel's supportive approach, expertise and up-to-date knowledge will enable you to have more time, less stress and anxiety, and have fun as you make this exciting journey through college.​

  • College is a unique, exciting opportunity to shape and launch your future, let Academic Advisory Counsel be your educational GPS!

Academic Advisory Counsel
Academic Advisory Counsel

Marney Randle, M.S.Ed. & CPC

Founder, Academic Advisory Counsel

Who We Work With:


Are you a current or future college student who wants the necessary support and guidance to help you get ALL you can out of college? 


Are you a parent or guardian who wants to ensure your child has a 1-on-1 guide to help them successfully navigate through the college process? 


Are you a school, business, or organization who wants to partner to holistically support students to ensure they have a positively life-changing college experience and succcessfully graduate?


.....contact us TODAY! Let Academic Advisory Counsel be your educational GPS! 

"Marney gave me the confidence I needed to apply to graduate school by assuring me that it was within my reach. During the application process for both my masters and an assistantship, she answered any questions I had, helped me set goals and keep deadlines, and connected me with colleagues across the country. There were many times that I felt lost in the labyrinth of the application process. Marney was always there to guide me through by breaking it down into more manageable sections."


 -M.C., University of Vermont


Academic Advisory Counsel
Academic Advisory Counsel
Academic Advisory Counsel

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